After a budget has been established, a marketing campaign must be developed with the following;

Radio - We have developed relationships locally and nationally with radio stations. These relationships can be utilized to get the most out of your dollar. Developing ad schedules, creating copy, promotional mentions (live and pre-recorded), billboards and ticket giveaways are very important.

Television - Promotions can be done regionally or nationally. Buys will be done as a package according to the targeted demo.

Newspaper – Although newspaper readership is down print marketing can be very successful via local papers and should be considered essential vehicles for any promotional campaign.

E-marketing – This campaign includes e-mail blasts which are major tools in a successful promotion as well. E-mails can reach thousands of targeted potential patrons that match your demographic for your event. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are tools that can reach thousands of people in seconds with detail.

Grass Roots - Posters and flyers are considered “grass roots marketing” and can be effective but not quantifiable.