This aspect involves a number of things beginning with breaking down the “Artist Technical Rider”. This document usually contains: billing of artist, length and presentation of performance, security, load in and load out, complimentary tickets and passes, merchandising, transportationains the following: dressing room set up, catering, back line, sound and lights requirements. Additionally, we will communicate with the venues designated production person and production manager for contracted artist(s) to advance the show. The Production manager will oversee coordination of the artist(s) itinerary. This includes departure and arrival times via plane, train, bus, limo or van. All airport, hotel and venue pick ups, press interviews and in store appearances. Create production schedules which include sound checks, show times and door times. If there isn’t an artist tech rider, one can be created.

We will also put together an event P&L breakdown and coordinating a pre-settlement with the venue. Core personnel include but not limited to stage manager, assistant production manager, events manager, security director, sound engineer, lighting director, hospitality coordinator and stage techs.

Event planning and coordination starts with selection of a venue. Our Project Coordinator will use our enormous data base of venues and contacts to give our client the best choices for a specific event. Also coordinate the design and look of the event from the decorations, food, logistics, theme, and hosts. In addition negotiate the cost via pre- settlement, coordinate a walk through and if applicable conduct final settlement after event. As Project Coordinator, we control the event schedule from start to finish including the creative process via a critical path document.